Temporary Fencing Hire

The temporary fencing of choice for both commercial and domestic properties is often either aluminium or steel. Of the two varieties, the one that is most common on the market is that which is known as temporary fencing and this is because of the low cost associated with this product. If you have ever set foot on a public road or even on a country street, you will probably notice that there are always groups of people congregating in the middle of the road. This usually happens after a nightclub has closed or a sporting event has finished. These people all want to get a drink and some peace and quiet but it’s difficult to allow them to do so when there is already a large crowd of people standing outside with their drinks in hand.

One of the best ways of dealing with this issue is to erect temporary fencing to keep the crowd under control. There are two types of temporary fencing that are commonly used for this purpose. The first type is the half mat fencing where the barriers are constructed from six feet of metal that resemble barbed wire but are much shorter. This makes them ideal for use on pavements or pathways where it is not feasible to build traditional fences. The other option for this purpose is the thirteen foot tall and three foot wide temporary fences that can be erected along city streets and roads.

The second use for temporary fencing is for temporary partitioning of space. This can be used for areas such as schools or office cubicles where there is a need to separate employees from the rest of the building. It can also be erected around parking garages and warehouses to mark the boundaries or to create a divider between the building and surrounding property. Whatever your need or desire, there is a solution available for you and one of the most popular products is anti-climb mesh panels.